Saturday, June 9, 2012

5th Installment of "My Tribute To Marilyn"



Did You Know?


She Could Turn Her Marilyn Monroe Persona On and Off at Will

Like many Hollywood stars, Monroe had an off-screen life that was quite different from her public image. At business meetings or rehearsals, for example, she was known to dress quite modestly. And like other glamour girls before her -- most notably Rita Hayworth -- she regarded her screen image as a character, someone very different from herself.

Incredible though it may seem, she could take these differences to the point of becoming almost invisible at times. When she was living in New York, if she went out without makeup and not baring much skin, people tended not to recognize her. Fellow Actor's Studio alum Eli Wallach tells the story of walking down the street with her in Manhattan, the two of them virtually unnoticed, when all of a sudden they started to draw stares. Somehow, Monroe had changed her body language to morph into the world-renowned sex goddess. As she explained to Wallach, "I just felt like being Marilyn for a moment."

Thank God for all of us that there were plenty of moments when she did.

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